About Us

Mission - Landscapes as a research and policy object

It is the mission of LANDSCAPE EUROPE to develop, expand and dissemininate knowledge on European landscapes by actively involving and drawing upon the wide range of relevant disciplines with the goal to support landscape values as a central and cross-cutting environmental issue in policy, science, education and human living. Based on agreed-upon objectives and definitions, LANDSCAPE EUROPE will actively approach national and international governmental as well as non-governmental institutions in order to make its knowledge widely available, understood and put into action.

LANDSCAPE EUROPE is based on the strong partnership with other institutes and expert groups in the area of landscape research and management. Partners will carry out scientific activities and education to support the quality and functions of landscapes with special respect to culture, aesthetics, biodiversity and sustainable use. All partners will be the owner of their own intellectual properties and share the joint knowledge. LANDSCAPE EUROPE wants:

  • To become one of the leading centers of applied landscape research, including its ecological, cultural, sociological and economic aspects;
  • To produce scientific and policy-oriented publications in close collaboration with all its partners. Through this LANDSCAPE EUROPE will help to get the landscape issue on the European policy agenda;
  • To strengthen the position of landscape disciplines contributing to the integrated landscape research field in Europe.

LANDSCAPE EUROPE emphasises the cause-effect relationships that are central to the landscape concept and the need for an integrated approach towards landscapes. It is important to indicate that the landscape approach is special and different from other initiatives and that it has an additional value. The importance of formulating clear objectives and approaches is imperative. All activities, concepts and methodological approaches developed and promoted by LANDSCAPE EUROPE and its partners will have to reflect state-of-the-arts scientific knowledge and seek to apply highest standards of environmental quality, human health and sustainable use of the Earth's resources. Though LANDSCAPE EUROPE is meant to have a strong European focus, it considers its mission to be of global relevance in terms of promoting scientific advances through international conferences and publications as well as by taking into account worldwide driving forces originating from non-European locations regarding their actual and potential impacts of European landscapes.