Internal regulation of the Landscape Europe

1.1 LANDSCAPE EUROPE (LE) is a network of institutions and individuals whose activities enhance sustainable landscape development and thus contribute to fulfilment of LE objectives (Article 2 Constitution of LANDSCAPE EUROPE).

1.2 LE Bodies are; the General Assembly (the supreme body), the Executive Board led by the Chair (executive body) and the Auditor (control body). Every-day LE activities are performed by the LE Office.

1.3 The General Assembly, as the supreme body of the LE, debates at least once a year. Debates can have the form of personal meetings or electronic debates such as skype and emails, or a combination of both. Following consultation with the Executive Board, the Chair and LE Office convene meetings and prepare documents for debate and the location, time and manner of debate are communicated by the LE Office to all members in electronic form at least 20 days in advance. Each LE member has one vote in decision-making, even if the debate is attended by more representatives from one institution. Decisions are taken by a simple majority of votes of attending members. Where the debate is in email form, whether as the main debate format or to engage non-attending members, the LE Office sends complete documents to all respective members. The members have 10 working days to respond to individual points and also to vote when decisions are to be adopted. After this period, the Executive Board shall take decisions based on received responses from all members or their representatives. Minutes of the debate, with progress achieved and decisions taken, are delivered to all members within 10 working days of debate termination. If the Chair or LE Office does not receive member-response to the Debate Minutes within 10 working days, the Minutes shall become valid, and where comments are received the Minutes shall be reviewed and results conveyed to all LE members.

1.4 The Executive Board is the executive body of the Association. It consists of a Chair (coordinator) and at least two other members of the Association, unless the supreme body decides otherwise. The Executive Board is responsible for its activities to the General Assembly which approves the members of the Executive Board every two years. The LE Office, in collaboration with the Executive Board, prepares action plans, the annual report, the budget and other documents. The Executive Board is empowered to make changes to the LE Internal Regulations where required.

1.5 The LE Office, inter alia, maintains the LE website and develops a periodic newsletter which is forwarded to all LE members and to the wider public interested in landscape issues. The members inform the LE Office of all activities related to LE.

1.6 The auditor is the Association controlling body responsible for his/her activities to the General Assembly, and the auditor role is irreconcilable with membership of the Executive Board. The auditor controls Executive Board activities, Association management, budget spending, Association asset use, inspects Constitution obligations and Association Internal Regulations, draws attention to imperfections and submits remedies with set deadlines to the Executive Board.

1.7 Each member pays the membership fee of € 500 per annum; payable no later than March of the following calendar year. Failure to pay the membership fee for two consecutive calendar years exposes the member to possible exclusion from LE Association membership or to an alternate penalty imposed by the Executive Board. No membership fee is required from the Institution which runs the LE Office.

1.8 All LE activities, including LE Office running costs, are financed from membership fees or other income (Article 5 LANDSCAPE EUROPE Civic Association Constitution).

1.9 Benefits of membership in Civic Association LANDSCAPE EUROPE:

  • " Members are entitled to access all information gathered by the LE Office, especially password-protected parts of the LE web site and extra newsletters containing information not provided to the public. This includes calls for project proposals in Europe and regular summary of papers dealing with landscape.
  • " Active profiling of LE members is maintained in the website and LE newsletters, so that each newsletter contains at least one LE member's output or activities
  • " At least one representative of each LE member is offered the opportunity to participate in project teams formed when Civic Association LANDSCAPE EUROPE is invited to participate in development projects and also when the Association applies for grants.
  • " One representative of each LE member is granted free accommodation and meal costs when participating in the "LE networking week" organised annually at Východná research station in the Slovak Tatra Mountains.

1.10 Prior intention must be notified to the LE office and then ratified before any member can act on behalf of LANDSCAPE EUROPE.

1.11 Concluding statement:
These regulations shall function as additional regulations to the "Constitution of the LANDSCAPE EUROPE Civic Association" and the Executive Board is empowered to decide all circumstances not reflected in these regulations.

These regulations have been adopted by the Executive Board in its session of ............