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Transfrontier Landscapes

  • Client: Landscape Europe
  • Period: 2004
  • Type: a Landscape Europe'S joint publication

Transfrontier Landscape Workshop in Monthermé (France), September 15-16, 2005 Under the title "Landscape Atlases - Mutual assistance and exchange of information", Jean-François Seguin of the French Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development and Mireille Deconinck from the Wallone Ministry for Spatial Planning, Housing and Cultural Heritage in Belgium joined forces to launch a first transfrontier landscape workshop in the picturesque town of Monthermé in the French part of the Ardennes. Focusing on regional aspects of landscape identification and typology development, the workshop brought together landscape experts from Champagne-Ardenne (France), from Semoins ardennaise (Wallonie) as well as from the Flemish region. Dirk Wascher had been invited to present the results of the ELCAI project.

Together with his colleagues Emilie Droeven, Anne Doguet and Stéphanie Queriat (Conference Permanente de Developpement Territorial, CPDT), Dr Claude Feltz of the Scientific Agronomic Faculty of the Gembloux University presented his concept of "Les territoires paysagers de Wallonie", while Hél?ne Gaudin, Brigitte Georgel and Jean-Marie Valdenaire (DIREN Champagne-Ardenne) explained details of the French regional approach. The ELCAI methodology was presented in the context of options for an integrative approach that links regional with national and international developments.

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