MODSCAPES conference 2018

MODSCAPES conference 2018
10-13 JUNE 2018 (Tartu, Estonia)

The Conference is combined with the Baltic Landscape Forum 2018 which is an event in the upcoming European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 highlights landscapes and looks what we have shared and still sharing cross Europe in this field. Therefore it would be nice to emphasis also which actors, ideas and concepts have influenced each other when the modern movement implements new concepts of landscape planning and management forming our today’s cultural landscape heritage.

Proposals may address modernist rural landscapes at any scale, ranging from the single building or site, to nation-wide policies, or transnational comparative approaches.

The period of interest is focused on the “short” 20th century, but may as well deal with case studies dating back to the “long” 19th century. Papers dealing with current issues, challenges, practices or experiments in planning, design, landscape architecture or stewardship, etc. for modernist rural landscapes are most welcome.
The geographical focus of the conference is mainly Europe, and its influences beyond its borders. However, proposals dealing with case studies in any geographic location are welcome.

Over and all, the conference aims at offering, probably for the first time at this scale, a broad overview of the wide range of experiments and conditions testifying of the engagement of modernism towards the rural question. In particular, it aims at verifying to which extent the concept of “modernist rural landscapes” can help to frame a multitude of local, regional or national episodes in the history of architecture, planning and landscapes, as a trans-national phenomenon.

Within this frame, successful proposals will focus on documenting concrete and well delimited case studies, but will also strive to develop their theoretical implications, related methodological issues, and current significance. In particular, participants are invited to elaborate on the three main concepts underlying the MODSCAPES project: “modernism”, “reinvention”, and “landscape”.

Abstracts are invited on any of the above themes for oral presentations or posters. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and should contain a short introduction, the research aim or question, a brief statement of the methods used and some main results and conclusions, supported by up to 4 references, and up to 2 images.

21 December 2017:Submission of abstracts
January 31 2018:Feedback to participants on acceptance, rejection or revision
March 31 2018: Submission of full-text papers
April 30 2018: Feedback to participants on acceptance or revision from double-blind peer-review
May 14 2018: Submission of final papers
June 10 2018: Conference starts