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Special Issue "Agricultural Land Abandonment: Patterns, Drivers and Consequences"

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2019

This Special Issue is dedicated to bringing advances on our understanding of the patterns,proximate, and underlying drivers of agricultural land abandonment. Is highly encouraged submission of integrative studies on agricultural land abandonment,which involve different techniques, such as remotelysensed observations, land-use modeling, sociological– ecological and economic studies, as well as system dynamic and Earth system modeling. Invited is also submission of innovative sociological and anthropology works, as well as economic studies with causal inference. Studies are welcomed that carefully disentangle the effect of land-use legacies and trigger events (e.g., political shocks), and telecoupled land-use systems. Expected are submission of studies on implications to food security and environmental and human well-being.

The Special Issue aims to shed light on the interaction of drivers of abandonment across various scales, including household and regional studies.

More information: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/land/special_issues/land_abandonment