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Agricultural Land Use and Feedbacks in a Changing Climate

Stuttgart, Germany
24 - 26 April 2019

Final Conference of the DFG Research Unit 1695 Regional Climate Change.

Call for Abstracts
You are invited to submit your conference contribution (max. 2500 characters) for an oral or poster presentation.

The impact of climate change which may assume dramatic proportions in some regions will be attenuated by adaptation measures that will feed back to climate. Detailed regional climate projections are needed in order to develop tailor-made strategies. In a joint, truly interdisciplinary 10-yr program, agricultural scientists, biologists, physicists and economists from University of Hohenheim, Helmholtz-Zentrum München and Justus Liebig University Giessen have investigated the impact of climate change in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, by means of  field measurements and integrated modeling.

1: Land Atmosphere Feedback
2: Crop Response and Modeling
3: Soil Carbon Turnover under Climate Change
4: Climate Change Impact on Ecosystem Services
5: The Future of Agricultural Land Use

Link: https://klimawandel.uni-hohenheim.de/en/overview