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  • “The Landscape Approach” a session at the IALE 2019 Conference

“The Landscape Approach” a session at the IALE 2019 Conference

  • a session about the Landscape Approach at the IALE World Congress in Milan, 1-5 July 2019
  • organized by Bas Pedroli (WUR, Netherlands) & Wenche Dramstad (NIBIO, Norway).

The deadline for submission of abstracts was 25th of January  2019.

Well, the Landscape Approach is a widespread and standard requirement in development cooperation; strangely enough it is largely neglected in our western world. 

Probably we don’t need a landscape approach because our governments claim that the market forces in our advanced democracies are capable enough to safeguard sustainability and should not be forced into landscape thinking (see http://www.iale2019.unimib.it/proposed-symposia/2563-2/). We aim to shed light on this paradox on the basis of scientific evidence, helping at the same time to establish a bit of a balance with the ‘hard’ science of mainstream landscape ecology!

Link: www.landscape-ecology.org/events/10th-iale-world-congress-call-for-abstracts.html

Organizers will take care of organising reviews and suggestions for improvement and eventually a later inclusion in a special issue of a renowned journal.