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Special Issue of Remote Sensing

Special Issue of Remote Sensing (MDPI) "Remote Sensing of Urban Forests"

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 28 November 2018

Through the provision of ecosystem services (ESS), urban forests and green infrastructures provide multiple benefits for urban dwellers making cities more resilient to climate change by enhancing, for example, the degree of shading, evaporative cooling, rainwater interception and storage and filtration functions.

To date, most of the available studies have considered one or more ESS provided by specific urban forest areas in cities and proposed remote sensing methods to quantify the amount of services in relation to their beneficiaries (i.e., citizens).Recent studies have attempted to assess the ESS provided by urban green spaces through the integration of social data with remotely sensed data, such as high- resolution satellite images and Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) point-cloud. Given the mounting availability of satellite images from different sensors, there is a need to develop new research focusing on remote sensing applications for monitoring and assessing urban forest areas and associated ESS.

The issues to be covered include:
Comparison and evaluation of different remote sensing techniques for monitoring urban forests
Analysis and assessment of urban forest areas and green infrastructures using remote sensing techniques, also through the development of new indicators of green amount
Assessment of the ecosystem services provided by urban forest areas and green spaces

Review articles covering one or more of these topics are also welcome.